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About Our Firm

Fischbach, Perlstein, Lieberman & Almond LLP provides legal and business advice to clients in the interactive entertainment, music, motion picture, television, publishing and amusement industries. Our clients look to us to counsel them on all aspects of their business activities, including providing strategic business advice, negotiation and completion of business agreements, counseling on the management and protection of intellectual property rights and other matters relating to their business operations.

With our primary focus on entertainment industry matters, we are regularly involved in transactions ranging from development, financing, publication and distribution of interactive entertainment properties and related technology licensing; the development, financing, production and distribution of motion picture and television properties; the financing and distribution of recorded music and the acquisition and licensing of master recordings and copyrights pertaining thereto; acquisition and administration of music publishing rights; and licensing and merchandising of character, entertainment and sports properties.

Because of our extensive experience in these industries, our clients look to us to advise them on specific transactions and intellectual property matters, as well as the broader aspects of their business operations, including the purchase and sale of entertainment companies and entertainment assets, employment matters, real estate matters and other general commercial matters. Our practice involves the representation of corporate clients and individuals: we represent leading recording artists, songwriters, television celebrities, actors, producers, directors and authors.

Doing business in the 21st century means working on a global scale, and we are regularly called upon to represent our clients in dealings with their business partners throughout the world. Our clients include companies based in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia who have retained us to represent their interests in the United States as well as US-based companies which conduct business around the world with business operations in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan and China. To assist us in these matters, we have developed relationships with leading law firms around the world.

The members of the firm have negotiated agreements on behalf of its clients with the leading companies in the entertainment and amusement industries, including the leading video game hardware manufacturers and publishers, leading record companies and music publishers, major film studios, television networks and production companies, professional sports leagues and book publishers. As such, we have formed close working relationships with many of the leading companies in these industries.

Cutting edge deals, extensive experience and close working relationships with the leaders of the entertainment field provide unique opportunities and relationships for the benefit of our clients.

About Our Clients

Our clients are at the cutting edge of their industries:

  • They develop, publish and distribute entertainment software and video games which operate on the latest and most advanced hardware, such as the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube console game machines.
  • They develop and distribute web-based content on the Internet and create Internet communities for the hundreds of thousands of consumers who visit their websites.
  • They write, produce, direct, finance, package and distribute motion picture and television properties.
  • They provide services and manufacture component materials for the motion picture and television industry.
  • They are banks and other financial institutions which require securitization of assets against which loans are granted.
  • They are at the forefront of the digital revolution, bringing music and video entertainment to the desktop computer and to home entertainment.
  • They are leading record companies, recording artists, composers and musicians.
  • They compose music for some of the most successful programs on television today.
  • They lead in the licensing and merchandising of home fitness and related exercise equipment and advocates in the emerging health and fitness lifestyle industry.